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Aimax Agency

Aimax Agency, short for Artificial Intelligent Max Agency, is a globally known brand. We specialize in Internet, Information Technology, Communications, Software Development, Publishing, Startup Support, and Creative Services. Our mission is to foster growth and innovation in these sectors, both in the Kurdistan region and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering top-tier services, marked by high-quality productivity, punctual delivery, and efficient communication. We leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to cater to our clients' needs and are committed to delivering services of governmental scale.

Creative Design

Our office is our screens, we are dedicated and never miss out a spelling space only! quality and attraction are our priorities of consideration.

Tech Development

When a deal is under construction, it means we are held by other customers, when we are working on a development process, our life cycle is ( Code-Sleep-Eat ) till climax.

Apps. Dapps

Not only apps. but DAPPS are also the main global tech AI daily tools right now, from web view apps to Native apps we struggle to deliver fantastic ones for our clients.

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ERP solution, any hosting size and server instances, data collection and making everything autopilot. we are last points that you search for to hire for your next dreamy project. 

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Karwan Mino

Full Stack Developer

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